Fibromyalgia interview

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You can see also the considerations of this interview in the page: Fibromyalgia diagnostic

Press Begin to begin the interview


Widespread Pain Index (WPI)

Please indicate if you have had pain or tenderness during the past 7 days in the areas shown below</br>Check the boxes in the diagram for each area in which you have had pain or tenderness. You should not include pain caused by other diseases (arthrosis, arthritis, tendonitis, lupus, etc.)

Widespread Pain Index Areas with numbers.svg

1. Right jaw
2. Left jaw
3. Neck,
4. Right shoulder girdle
5. Left shoulder girdle
6. Right arm
7. Left arm
8. Right forearm
9. Left forearm
10. Chest
11. Abdomen
12. Upper back
13. Lower back
14. Right hip/buttock/trochanter
15. Left hip/buttock/trochanter
16. Right upper leg
17. Left upper leg
18. Right lower leg
19. Left lower leg

Press Calculate at end for the interview result

Symptom Severity Scale (SS)

Phase 1

For each symptom listed below, use the following scales to indicate the severity of the symptom during the past 7 days.

  • No problem
  • Slight or mild problem: generally mild or intermittent.
  • Moderate problem: Considerable problems; often present and/or at a moderate level.
  • Severe problem: continuous, life-disturbing problems.

A. Fatigue:

No   Slight   Moderate   Severe

B. Trouble thinking or remembering:

No   Slight   Moderate   Severe

C. Waking up tired (unrefreshed):

No   Slight   Moderate   Severe

Phase 2

During the past 6 months have you had any of the following symptoms?

A. Pain or cramps in lower abdomen:

No   Yes

B. Depression:

No   Yes

C. Headache:

No   Yes

Last question

Have the symptoms in the previous phases 2 and 3 and widespread pain been present at a similar level for at least 3 months?:

No   Yes